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Email design features

Three easy ways to build your emails

Free email templates

All plans include our library of professionally designed email templates which you can customise using our easy template design tool.

Free stock image library

Search our library of over 1 million high quality images and use them for free in your emails.

Powerful image editor

Edit images directly within our campaign builder, add effects, text, shapes, crop, resize, rotate and more.

Create mobile friendly emails

Campaigns created using our drag and drop email builder will automatically re-flow to fit mobile devices and you can even display different content to mobile or desktop users.

Email personalisation

Mail merge every email you send with your contact’s details such as their name, interests and any other custom fields you’ve created.

Stand out with emoji

Grab your customer’s attention by adding beautiful full colour emoji symbols to your subject lines.

Email campaign features

Powerful tools to schedule and automate your campaigns

Send in your customer’s timezone

Research shows that emails perform better when received at certain times of the day. Timewarp sends in your subscribers local time so that all your contacts receive their emails at the most effective time.

Schedule your emails ahead of time

You can blast your email out immediately or schedule it to got out later at a more convenient time.

Use your own domain name for all links

You can configure your own domain for link tracking, unsubscribe links, subscription forms etc. This may help keep your emails on brand by masking your use of KomnitEmail .

Create autoresponders

Autoresponders are emails that are sent automatically when a contact joins your list, they can be sent immediately, or after a certain period of time, such as 24 hours or 2 weeks.
Create an autoresponder to welcome new contacts or use multiple autoresponders to automate the sending of regular content such as weekly lessons.

Automated unsubscribe processing

Easily add unsubscribe links to your email by inserting our unsubscribe tag. We’ll prompt you to add an unsubscribe link if you forget so that your emails are always compliant. Unsubscribe requests are processed for you automatically giving you and your subscribers peace of mind.

Automatic bounce handling

Bounced emails, such as email addresses that don’t exist, are processed for you automatically, meaning your list is always clean. KomnitEmail keeps track of bounces across all of our customer accounts meaning that known bad email addresses are blacklisted for you automatically.

Forward to a friend

Encourage your subscribers to share your email by including a “forward to a friend” link.

Upload & send attachments

The software includes full support for uploading and sending attachments along with your emails.

Solicit and track feedback with surveys

Create customised surveys and feedback forms that you can link to from your email campaigns and autoresponders.

Statistics and reporting

Monitor your campaign performance and get to know your contacts

Email open reporting

Find out who’s reading your campaigns. See exactly who opened your email, when and how often they opened it and from where.

Link click tracking

See which links were clicked, by who and when. Your sales team could then follow up with those leads who have shown interest.

Google Analytics integration

Track where your customers go after arriving on your website from a link in your email.

Unsubscribe reporting

See who unsubscribed and if they chose to supply a reason for leaving you can see this too. Use this information to improve the emails you send and retain more subscribers in the future.

Bounce reporting

View reports showing which email addresses bounced, when and why, with an exact error message from the email provider, such as “Email address doesn’t exist”.

Geo opens

See where in the world your subscriber base is located. Use this information to tailer your emails to your subscribers local culture and send emails in your subscriber’s timezone.

Contact list management

Tools to grow your lists and automate tasks

Automated list management

Create rules to automatically move, remove or add contacts to other lists when they subscribe or unsubscribe from specific lists.
Handling of unsubscribes and bounces is automatic.

Bulk management tools

Easily split lists into smaller segments, copy lists or merge several lists together.

Custom fields

Create fields to store any information your require such as customer loyalty numbers, birthdays and company information. Mail merge these fields into the emails you send.

List segmentation

Filter contacts based on common attributes such as location or interests and send emails to each segment.

Export tools

Export and download entire lists, multiple lists or segments within specific lists. Open the file in your spreadsheet software or import it into other systems.

Import tools

Easily import contacts from a spreadsheet, file or remote SQL database right from within KomnitEmail. Automatically create custom fields from the columns in your spreadsheet or database.

Add sign up forms to your website

Copy our form code to your website so customers can sign up to your list. Or link to your custom sign up page created in KomnitEmail.
A simple WordPress form plugin is also available.

Integrate with your website, CRM, app or social media

A rest API and developer SDK is available for building tight integrations with your website, CRM or app.
Third party integrations exist for creating WordPress forms and Facebook Lead Advertisements.

Spam law compliance

Compliance is easy and automated

Sending spam or accidentally sending to unsubscribers is a bad look and can damage your reputation. KomnitEmail makes it easy to manage compliance and stay out of spam boxes.

Automated unsubscribe handling

Subscribers can unsubscribe automatically form the link in your emails or by clicking the unsubscribe button in their mail program. Upon unsubscribing contacts are given the opportunity to let you know why they unsubscribed so that you can improve your emails and list management practices.

Double opt in

Enable double opt-in for your lists and forms as required. Double opt-in is a system where by we send the contact an email with a link they must click to confirm their subscription. This proves they want to be on your list and is a requirement in some jurisdictions. It’s also a great way to keep your lists clean.

Contact details in the footer

KomnitEmail allows you to enter your complete company contact details which can be added to the footer of every email you send. This helps subscribers remember who you are and why they joined your list, and reduces the chance of your email being marked as spam.

Personal blacklist

Blacklisted contacts will never be sent your emails no matter what. Add contacts to your blacklist to ensure you don’t accidentally send emails to specified contacts. We automatically blacklist email addresses that don’t exist, that have requested never to receive emails, or have high complaint rates.

Suppression lists

Suppression lists are similar to the blacklist except that you can choose a specific suppression list when sending your email. The email will then be sent to everyone except those on your selected suppression list. You can create as many suppression lists as you require.

Automated complaint reporting

When large email providers receive complaints regarding your emails from their users we get notified and so do you, so you can take care of the issue quickly and maintain your reputation.


We take the privacy and security of your subscriber data as seriously as you do

We understand how damaging a privacy breach could be for your business and so we take proactive steps to ensure your subscriber data is safe including:


Two factor authentication

All subscriber data encrypted at rest

All data encrypted in transit

Web application firewall

Brute force and DOS attack monitoring and blocking

Real-time malware monitoring and removal